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In the trajectory of disease progress and treatment plan, patients and the family members are confronted with challenging situations like unsurmountable physical distress, inadequate coping patterns, unanswered spiritual issues in the background of serious threat to very existence of life leads to a debilitating Quality of life.The Palliative Care team(More)
A mobile ad hoc wireless network (MANET) consists of a number of wireless mobile nodes that are capable of communicating with each other without the use of a network infrastructure or any centralized administration. In such a network, each mobile node operates not only as a host but also as a router, forwarding packets for other nodes that may not be within(More)
The allele-specific PCR approach has been modified by introducing a second mismatch at the 3'-penultimate link of the primer and used to identify the sickle cell anemia mutation (A-->T transversion in the sixth codon of the human beta-globin gene causing Glu-->Val substitution in the protein), thus obviating the problem of an interpretationally ambiguous(More)
Health problems related to diet, including obesity and cancer, are important concerns in the current society. The main treatment for obesity includes dieting and frequent physical activity. Diet programs keep and cause weight loss over short, medium, or long term. However, to maintain balanced body energy, a frequent physical exercise is required. This(More)
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