P. Santhi Thilagam

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The increasing number of Web services over the Web makes the requester to use tools to search for suitable Web services available throughout the globe. UDDI is the first step towards meeting these demands. However the requester's demand may include not only functional aspects of Web services but also nonfunctional aspects like quality of service (QoS).(More)
Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) are a promising technology to provide the wireless internet connectivity. WMNs are becoming a popular choice for wireless internet service providers to offer internet connectivity as it allows a fast, easy and inexpensive network deployment. However, security in WMNs is still in its infancy. Security and privacy has been a(More)
Association Rule Mining is one of the important data mining activities and has received substantial attention in the literature. Association rule mining is a computationally and I/O intensive task. In this paper, we propose a solution approach for mining optimized fuzzy association rules of different orders. We also propose an approach to define membership(More)
The increasing demand in computing resources and widespread adaptation of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has made cloud as a new IT delivery mechanism. In cloud, computing resources are provided to the requester as a service, which include Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Cloud Computing(More)
Rapid growth of internet technology made many IaaS providers arise across the globe to meet the needs of small IT companies. Number of IT companies started using resources of IaaS provider due to elastic and pay as you go nature. Increasing number of cloud providers results in difficulty for requester to select suitable cloud provider based on requirements.(More)
A social network [2] is a description of the social structure between actors, mostly persons, groups or organizations. It indicates the ways in which they are connected with each other by some relationship such as friendship, kinship, finance exchange etc. In a nutshell, when the person uses already known/unknown people to create new contacts, it forms(More)
A social network is a network of interactions between entities of social interest like people, organisations, hobbies and transactions. Finding relevant associations between entities in a social network is of great value in many areas like friendship networks, biology and countering terrorism. Semantic Web technology enables us to capture and process(More)