P. Sandeep Reddy

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We present a new transform which, when applied to the denominator polynomial of the transfer function of an unstable multidimensional recursive digital filter (of a special class) will yield a stable polynomial with good preservation of the magnitude spectrum. In fact, the discrete Hilbert transform (DHT), used to stabilize 2-D and 1-D recursive digital(More)
Optimal control of singularly perturbed systems with free terminal time is considered. A reduction in system order is achieved by perturbing a small scalar parameter in the system equations. Using the solution of this reduced order problem, an asymptotic series approximation method is presented for obtaining the solution to the complete problem. A backward(More)
–The stability testing of first quadrant quarter-plane (QP) two dimensional recursive digital filters had been a classical problem for the last two decades. In literature, the two major types of stability testing methods available are algebraic and mapping methods. Even though the algebraic methods can determine the stability in finite number of steps, it(More)
The drifts caused by gyroscopes and accelerometers are major sources of error in an inertial navigation system which is designed to operate over long periods of time. Usually, part of these drifts are deterministic and predictable and hence are calibrated and compensated for in a system. However, the random noise drifts that can not be compensated for are(More)
The stability testing of 2-Dimensional recursive digital filters had been a very hot problem in 1970's and 80's. The right solution is not yet available though some researchers have been working on this problem even now. We have proposed in this paper a test procedure to test the stability of 1-D recursive digital filters and quantization error estimation(More)
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