P. Samorì

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Control of intermolecular interactions is crucial to the exploitation of molecular semiconductors for both organic electronics and the viable manipulation and incorporation of single molecules into nano-engineered devices. Here we explore the properties of a class of materials that are engineered at a supramolecular level by threading a conjugated(More)
Due to a unique combination of electrical and thermal conductivity, mechanical stiffness, strength and elasticity, graphene became a rising star on the horizon of materials science. This two-dimensional material has found applications in many areas of science ranging from electronics to composites. Making use of different approaches, unfunctionalized and(More)
Organometal halide perovskites show promising features for cost-effective application in photovoltaics. The material instability remains a major obstacle to broad application because of the poorly understood degradation pathways. Here, we apply simultaneous luminescence and electron microscopy on perovskites for the first time, allowing us to monitor in(More)
Nature employs self-assembly to fabricate the most complex molecularly precise machinery known to man. Heteromolecular, two-dimensional self-assembled networks provide a route to spatially organize different building blocks relative to each other, enabling synthetic molecularly precise fabrication. Here we demonstrate optoelectronic function in a(More)
Multifunctional materials can be engineered by combining multiple chemical components, each conferring a well-defined function to the ensemble. Graphene is at the centre of an ever-growing research effort due to its combination of unique properties. Here we show that the large conformational change associated with the trans-cis photochemical isomerization(More)
Diffusion-ordered NMR spectroscopy in the structural characterization of functionalized carbon nanotubes Manipulating single-wall carbon nanotubes by chemical doping and charge transfer with perylene dyes Singling out the electrochemistry of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes in solution Efficient modulation of the third order non-linear optical(More)
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