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In this paper, we introduce a knowledge-oriented approach for the Security Requirements Engineering phase for developing E-Voting System. The knowledge acquired through the process of eliciting and analyzing secure E-Voting System is represented in the form of UML models; which can be made available to future developers and the dependency towards security(More)
Security Requirements Engineering is a new research area in software engineering, with the realization that security must be analyzed early during the requirements phase. Many researchers are working in this area; however, there is a lack in security requirements treatment. The security requirements are one of the non-functional requirements, which act as(More)
Security engineering is a new research area in software engineering that covers the definition of processes, plans and designs for security. The researchers are working in this area and however there is a lack in security requirements treatment in this field. Requirements engineering is a major action that begins during the communication activity and(More)
The changes in technology have put an increased pressure on e-governance to modernise its election process. In India, after several elections, we have noticed many problems such as long lines, sensitive polling booth and other polling problems. As a solution, we have moved to the electronic electoral process throughout the country, but a recent study(More)
The election system is in need of a secure electronic web application that voters can rely and have trust in. E-Voting is the most security sensitive processes handled electronically. The highest achievable security is never too much for an E-Voting application. So when the web application is being built, tasks such as Security Requirements elicitation,(More)
Software systems are becoming more and more critical in every domain of human society. These systems are used not only by corporates and governments, but also by individuals and across networks of organizations. The wide use of software systems has resulted in the need to contain a large amount of critical information and processes, which certainly need to(More)
Web application security is the major security concern for e-business and information sharing communities. Research showed that more than 75% attacks are being deployed at application layer and almost 90% applications are vulnerable to attacks. Conventional methods of vulnerability and attack prevention and detection are ineffective to provide complete(More)