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Blocking spermidine and spermine synthesis in Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes with irreversible inhibitors of S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase (AdoMet DC; EC, prevented the growth of the parasite in vitro. The most potent of these compounds, MDL 73811, inhibited growth of chloroquine-sensitive and -resistant strains of P. falciparum(More)
Small proline-rich proteins, believed to be precursor proteins for the crosslinked envelope formation in cells undergoing squamous differentiation, are encoded by the SPRR genes. To further investigate the role of these proteins, the time course of increased synthesis of SPRR1 mRNA in nasal epithelia of rats exposed to cigarette smoke was determined, and(More)
BACKGROUND Topotecan has been shown in previous studies to be a specific inhibitor of topoisomerase I, a nuclear enzyme required for DNA replication and transcription. PURPOSE Our objectives in this phase I clinical trial were to determine the maximum tolerated dose, dose-limiting toxic effects, and recommended phase II dose of topotecan and to define the(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Soft lining materials have been found to be more susceptible to microbial adhesion than acrylic resin base materials. Denture hygiene is essential to maintain the serviceability of the denture, and microwave energy has been suggested for denture disinfection. PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of(More)
Efficient isolation of individual lipid classes is a critical step in the analysis of plasma and lipoprotein fatty acid compositions. Whilst good separations of total lipid extracts are possible by TLC, this method is time consuming and a major rate-limiting step when processing large numbers of specimens. A method for rapid separation of(More)
Integrin binding to proteins often involves recognition of domains containing the arginine-glycine-aspartate (RGD) motif. Different binding affinities and specificities of the integrin-ligand protein interactions involve additional protein domains. The n.m.r. structure of the snake-venom protein echistatin suggested that the C-terminal portion of the(More)
This cohort study (n = 83) investigated whether patients with implant-stabilized overdentures would demonstrate less impact on daily life, would have less difficulty in the mastication of different types of food, and would generally be more satisfied than patients with conventional complete dentures. The groups were comparable for gender, age of dentures,(More)
PURPOSE This study investigated the effects of certain systemic and local factors on resorption of the posterior mandibular residual ridge under conventional dentures and overdentures supported by 2 implants. MATERIALS AND METHODS Proportional area measurements of the posterior mandible were made on rotational tomograms taken immediately before and 5(More)