P. S. V. S. K. Raju

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— Satellite communication systems operating at Ku (12/14 GHz) and Ka band (20/30 GHz) frequencies are used for broadband multimedia and internet based services. At these frequencies, the signal will be affected by various propagation impairments such as rain attenuation, cloud attenuation, tropospheric scintillation, ionospheric scintillation, water vapour(More)
With the vast development in the usage of Power electronic devices like Rectifiers (non-linear loads) the current drawn from the line is distorted resulting in a High Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and Low Power Factor (PF). Hence there is a continuous need for Power factor improvement and reduction of line current harmonics. The most popular topology for(More)
––Turbo codes are used for error protection, especially in wireless systems (e.g., in the cdma2000 standard) and in joint source-channel coding. An example of joint source-channel coding is the use of turbo codes in conjunction with JPEG2000 for image communication over noisy channels. A turbo encoder consists of two recursive systematic convolutional(More)
The MIMO techniques with OFDM is regarded as a promising solution for increasing data rates, for wireless access qualities of future wireless local area networks, fourth generation wireless communication systems, and for high capacity, as well as better performance. of the channel matrix need to be estimated and channel length estimation is unnecessary,(More)
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