P.S. Shilpa

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Hundred Fusarium culmorum strains, isolated from freshly harvested maize grain samples from Southern parts of India, were incubated in czapek-dox medium and analyzed for trichothecene (DON/NIV) production. The mPCR assay was standardized targeting trichothecene metabolic pathway genes viz., Tri6, Tri7, Tri13 for detection of trichothecene (DON/NIV)(More)
To assess the cell mediated and mucosal immune responses in chicks to Newcastle disease vaccine, expression levels of certain genes encoding cytokines and chemokines were quantified by q-PCR. The utility of cytokine and chemokine gene expression profile in estimating the cell mediated and humoral immune response has been established. The cell mediated(More)
This paper intends to highlight the different types of oncolytic viruses (OVs), mechanism of tumor specificity, its safety, and various obstacles in the design of treatment and combination therapy utilizing oncotherapy. Search was conducted using the internet-based search engines and scholarly bibliographic databases with key words such as OVs, head and(More)
Stem cell research has received considerable attention since the discovery that adult stem cells have the capacity to form many different tissue types. Stem cells are a booming field for the research and have been extensively studied in the field of medicine, as well as dentistry. Their application in oncology has been a boon to many of the patients. Dental(More)
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