P S Sebastian

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This study evaluated a self-rated instrument for assessing perceived craving, mood, energy, and health levels in patients who are withdrawing from cocaine addiction. The instrument consisted of four 20-centimeter line scales. Twenty-five patients in a 28-day inpatient addictions treatment unit were chosen at random points in their treatment and given a(More)
Fifteen male veteran cocaine addicts took simple tests of cocaine craving, mood, energy, and perceived health status for 23 consecutive days during an inpatient treatment center. Results show they experienced very little cocaine craving or other symptomatology. Multiple regression analyses show that health rating alone was the best predictor of cocaine(More)
Classical conditioning principles offer a nondrug way to treat cocaine dependence. Eleven male subjects with the primary diagnosis of cocaine dependence were placed into one of two groups. The experimental group was asked to handle $500 cash in a mock budgetary task. The control group was asked to just imagine handling and budgeting the money. The subjects(More)
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