P. S. Rothwell

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In order to obtain a better understanding of jaw movement and its relationship to other parameters such as muscle activity or noises from the temporomandibular joint, it is necessary to correlate these activities. A digital optoelectronic method was therefore designed to record these activities simultaneously. It uses a closed-circuit television camera to(More)
The efficacy of a dental unit equipped with a system that disinfects and sterilizes the water tubing by flushing with glutaraldehyde was evaluated by inserting Bacillus megaterium spores and Pseudomonas and Moraxella species into the water tubing. Up to 10(8) Pseudomonas and Moraxella organisms were killed during the disinfection cycle, but Bacillus(More)
During a series of four meetings to distribute and introduce the 'Pathways in Practice' distance learning programme to general dental practitioners (GDPs) in the Trent region, an investigation was undertaken to determine the postgraduate support needs which the participating GDPs perceived as being appropriate. Small-group (peer review type) meetings were(More)