P. S. Rao

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Algorithms for performing gossiping on one-and higher dimensional meshes are presented. As a routing model, we assume the practically important worm-hole routing. For one-dimensional arrays and rings, we give a novel lower bound and an asymptotically optimal gossiping algorithm for all choices of the parameters involved. For two-dimensional meshes and tori,(More)
UNLABELLED A method is described for the analysis of the results obtained from the docking studies applied on a protein target and small molecules chemical compounds as ligands from various sources using different docking tools. We show the use of Dempster Shafer Theory (DST) to select the high ranking top compounds for further analysis and consideration.(More)
— An alignment is an arrangement of two sequences which shows where the two sequences are similar, and where they differ. Here, in this paper, we report multiple alignments of few orthologous insulin sequences and construction of a python program based on average linkage clustering algorithm to generate clusters of significant similarities. Insulin(More)
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