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The article first outlines historical suicide patterns. Case histories mirror a wide range of frustrations and family tensions in our present generation and show the socioeconomic, sociophilosophical, and cultural changes that are sweeping Indian society and are greatly adding to the tensions in life, resulting in a substantially higher occurrence of(More)
100 consecutive out patients with onset of Psychiatric illness within 40 days of child birth were studied by using Indian Psychiatric Interview Schedule and a specially designed Proforma. It was found that post partum psychiatric syndromes occurred most frequently in patients less than 25 years of age. Stress of Physical illness was present in a(More)
90 schizophrenic patients in three regimes of thirty patients each, were treated for a period of three weeks with haloperidol alone, E.C.T. alone and E.C.T. + haloperidol in combination respectively. Rating them on R. P. scale (Rockland and Pollin, 196a) & Disability Rating Scale (Gautam, 76) showed that the E.C.T. + haloperidol receiving group was(More)
Catatonic stupor is a condition characterized by generalised inhibition of motor activities where sensibilities are impaired and the individual has little or no appreciation of his surroundings. Fisher (1954) reported eight cases of caro-tid occlusion who presented initially as dementia. He concluded that the association of dementia and carotid occlusion in(More)
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