P. S. Deshpande

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Regular expressions are extremely useful, because they allow us to work with text in terms of patterns. They are considered the most sophisticated means of performing operations such as string searching, manipulation, validation, and formatting in all applications that deal with text data. Character recognition problem scenarios in sequence analysis that(More)
Imaging technology is increasing very rapidly with the advent and development of digital image processing. Evolution and popularity of Internet and various display devices have further given an additive hand for this enrichment. Different display sizes and different resolutions of display devices have made image resizing with content preservation i.e.(More)
As the features of mobile phones are being enhanced and the performance is being greatly improved, the generic operating systems are being incrementally used in mobile phones. However, since the mobile phones have different requirements in both features and performance compared with desktop or server systems, the operating systems for generic systems could(More)
Discovery of cause-effect relationships, particularly in large databases of time-series is challenging because of continuous data of different characteristics and complex lagged relationships. In this paper, we have proposed a novel approach, to extract cause-effect relationships in large time series data set of socioeconomic indicators. The method enhances(More)
Script recognition systems for various languages have gain importance in recent decades and are the area of deep interest for many researchers. English Character Recognition (CR) has been extensively studied in the last half century and progressed to a level, sufficient to produce technology driven applications. But same is not the case for Indian languages(More)
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