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Sex peptide, a secreted component of the male accessory glands, has been shown to induce behavioral and physiological changes in mated Drosophila. We transformed flies with a hybrid gene containing an hsp70 promoter fused to a cDNA encoding sex peptide. Heat-induced ectopic expression of the peptide in transgenic virgin females altered their reproductive(More)
Scopolamine was found to block both brief shock-induced (3 0.75-s, 1.0-mA shocks) and conditioned hypoalgesia on the tail-flick test in rats. The drug also produced a general increase in pain reactivity as measured by both the tail-flick test and shock-induced vocalization. It was shown that this hyperalgesia cannot account for the effect of the drug on(More)
Four small nuclear RNAs (snRNAs) have been isolated from Drosophila melanogaster flies. They have been characterized by base analysis, fingerprinting, and injection into Axolotl oocytes. The size of the molecules and the modified base composition suggest that the following correlations can be made: snRNA1 approximately U2-snRNA; snRNA2 approximately(More)
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