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Multi-class service systems are of increasing importance in the practical modelling world but present a significant challenge for analysis. Most results to date concerning the optimal dynamic control of such systems have assumed holding cost rates to be linear in the number of customers present. In response to arguments that such an assumption is often(More)
The Ralph and Goldy Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies at UCLA ...established to promote the study, understanding and solution of regional policy issues, with special reference to Southern California, including problems of the environment, urban design, housing, community and neighborhood dynamics, transportation and economic development... ii(More)
Traditionally, the association between autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and Down syndrome (DS) was considered uncommon, as the stereotype image of an individual with DS was (and continues to be) a friendly, affectionate and outgoing personality (Ghaziuddin et al. 1992). Identifying children with DS who also meet ICD-10/DSM-IV criteria for ASD (DS-ASD)(More)
• This paper reviews and develops methods for implementing in practice recent ideas in the field of optimal dynamic treatment allocation. Given longitudinal sequences of observational data on health status and treatment selection for a cohort of patients, the aim is to determine a regime, or decision rule, which can be used to select treatment in order to(More)
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