P. S. Ansell

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Multi-class service systems are of increasing importance in the practical modelling world but present a significant challenge for analysis. Most results to date concerning the optimal dynamic control of such systems have assumed holding cost rates to be linear in the number of customers present. In response to arguments that such an assumption is often(More)
We consider the optimal service control of a multiclass M/G/1 queueing system in which customers are served nonpreemptively and the system cost rate is additive across classes and increasing convex in the numbers present in each class. Following Whittle’s approach to a class of restless bandit problems, we develop a Langrangian relaxation of the service(More)
Classical analyses of the dynamic control of multi-class queueing systems frequently yield simple priority policies as optimal. However, such policies can often result in excessive queue lengths for the low priority jobs=customers. We propose a stochastic optimisation problem in the context of a two class M=M=1 system which seeks to mitigate this through(More)
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