P Sławiński

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The concentrations of cadmium, lead and total mercury were determined by atomic absorption spectrometry in maternal blood and umbilical cord blood collected during the III-rd stage of term delivery from 56 mother-neonate pairs. Cadmium and mercury levels measured on both sides of placenta did not differ significantly while lead levels in maternal blood were(More)
The microbiological effectiveness of the preparation Gynalgin produced by POLFA Pharmaceutical Works in Rzeszów was assessed in cases of vulvovaginitis in 55 patients with clinically diagnosed inflammatory conditions of the lower genital tract, who were given Gynalgin tablets in 10-day courses. Vaginal smears were examined three times for the presence of(More)
The concentrations of magnesium, iron, copper and zinc were determined by atomic absorption spectrometry in the colostrum of 5 women in puerperium after delivery by Cesarean section. The samples of colostrum were obtained for examination between 11 and 12 hours on puerperium days from 4th to 7th. A significant rise of the concentration between these days(More)
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