P. Ruipérez

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In this paper, a multisensor fusion system that is used for calculating the position and orientation of an autonomous mobile robot is presented. The developed fusion system is distributed, robust, and asynchronous. It is distributed to permit the parallel function of all the sensors. It is robust because, being distributed, the system has been designed to(More)
In our modern society, distance education has become a viable solution for students who require more flexible, accessible, and adaptive teaching systems, without spatial and temporal restrictions [1], [2]. In the past, the interaction methods for distance education were limited to the telephone, postal mail, or fax. Today’s new information technologies(More)
In this paper we have investigated the use of genetic algorithm for the selection of weighting matrices of performance index for the linear quadratic control design. We can easily consider in the fitness index of the genetic algorithm different design specifications and their verifications in different operations conditions. As well as a measure of(More)
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