P. Roux

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In this paper, we describe a functional partitioning Expert System. Our ultimate goal is the generation of test sequences for digital circuits, using both conventional tools and AI techniques. We describe at first an open infrastructure we are implementing; it allows the integration of specific tools (e.g. expert systems) in a hierarchical description of(More)
We present an analysis of the M w = 5.3 earthquake that occurred in the Southeast Indian Ridge on 2010 February 11 using USArray data. The epicentre of this event is antipodal to the USArray, providing us with an opportunity to observe in details the antipodal focusing of seismic waves in space and time. We compare the observed signals with synthetic(More)
In the development of new CAD tools to be used in processing VLSI type circuits, the need for comprehensive models of electronic systems has become clear. This paper describes a model representation system in which a model, representing multiple views of a real system, at different levels of abstraction, can be constructed. Relationships that exist between(More)
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