P. Ross McAree

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When the leg rods of a fully in-parallel manipulator are fixed in their lengths, it is usual that the device can be assembled in several distinct ways. Sometimes it happens that motion between such assemblies can take place such that the linkage is never at a special configuration; that is, a configuration where the moving-platform body acquires(More)
The level of force that can be stably reflected to the human operator in a force-reflecting teleoperator is constrained by the dynamics of impact between the slave arm and its environment. This paper models the underlying dynamics of impact and describes how the impact effects can be minimized using estimates of the distance between the slave and objects in(More)
The Stewart platform is a six degree-of-freedom fully-in-parallel linkage well-suited to robotic tasks where structural rigidity and high small motion bandwidth are required. In this article we describe an approach for computing the forward kinematics of this device that is both fast and robust. Our solution is based on the simultaneous solution of three(More)
We make several experimentally based observations that enhance the understanding of the dynamics of geared robot drives. We show that: (1) at low velocities, a gear transmission can behave as a nonminimum-phase system; (2) this nonminimum phase behavior is intimately related to the dynamics of friction at gear-tooth contact; and (3) by virtue of compliance(More)