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The functions of many open reading frames (ORFs) identified in genome-sequencing projects are unknown. New, whole-genome approaches are required to systematically determine their function. A total of 6925 Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains were constructed, by a high-throughput strategy, each with a precise deletion of one of 2026 ORFs (more than one-third of(More)
MSH4 is a novel meiosis-specific gene required for wild-type levels of spore viability in S. cerevisiae. The predicted product of the MSH4 gene is homologous to the MutS family of proteins; however, msh4-null mutants have no apparent defect in mismatch repair. msh4 mutant strains display wild-type levels of gene conversion and postmeiotic segregation, but(More)
Economical methods by which gene function may be analysed on a genomic scale are relatively scarce. To fill this need, we have developed a transposon-tagging strategy for the genome-wide analysis of disruption phenotypes, gene expression and protein localization, and have applied this method to the large-scale analysis of gene function in the budding yeast(More)
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