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Forensic DNA profiling is acknowledged as the model for a scientifically defensible approach in forensic identification science, as it meets the most stringent court admissibility requirements demanding transparency in scientific evaluation of evidence and testability of systems and protocols. In this paper, we propose a unified approach to forensic speaker(More)
Watercress is an exceptionally rich dietary source of beta-phenylethyl isothiocyanate (PEITC). This compound inhibits phase I enzymes, which are responsible for the activation of many carcinogens in animals, and induces phase II enzymes, which are associated with enhanced excretion of carcinogens. In this study, we show that watercress extracts are potent(More)
Water quality goals for Iowa lakes are defined in 2006 by State Legislation (HF2782) making it mandatory that the delivery of phosphorus and sediment from the watershed be controlled before lake restoration begins. Water quality problems at Prairie Rose Lake are largely related to watershed loading of sediments and nutrients. Two types of restoration(More)
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