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G protein-coupled receptor (GPR) 17 is a P2Y-like receptor that responds to both uracil nucleotides (as UDP-glucose) and cysteinyl-leukotrienes (cysLTs, as LTD(4)). By bioinformatic analysis, two distinct binding sites have been hypothesized to be present on GPR17, but little is known on their putative cross-regulation and on GPR17(More)
We report on the biochemical and immunological properties as well as on the cellular and subcellular distribution of two proteins, called secretogranins I and II. These proteins specifically occur in a wide variety of endocrine and neuronal cells that package and sort regulatory peptides into secretory granules. Both secretogranins take the same(More)
The purpose of prophylactic vaccination is to reduce morbidity and mortality in a population. Many questions related to the design of vaccines and vaccination programs require a population standpoint for their sharp formulation and laboratory and field studies to understand their immunologic background. Practical suggestions of the workshop included(More)