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This paper presents images of transient plasma applied in varied circumstances to fuel ignition and subsequent combustion. The transient plasma occurs during the formative phase of an arc discharge, and persists for /spl ap/50 ns. The results demonstrate that transient plasma ignition initiates combustion efficiently, produces excited species distinct from(More)
Transient plasmas that exist during the formative phase of a pulse-ignited atmospheric pressure discharge were studied for application to ignition of quiescent and flowing fuel-air mixtures. Quiescent methane-air mixture ignition was studied as a function of equivalence ratio, and flowing ethane-air mixture was studied in a pulse detonation engine (PDE).(More)
A two-dimensional numerical model of a spiral counter/low non-adiabatic heat recirculating combustor (Swiss roll) including the effects of variable properties, viscous flow, surface-to-surface radiative heat transfer, one-step chemical reaction, and heat loss from the burner to its surroundings was used to study its thermal effect. Extinction limits on the(More)
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