P Richterich

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As DNA sequencing is performed more and more in a mass-production-like manner, efficient quality control measures become increasingly important for process control, but so also does the ability to compare different methods and projects. One of the fundamental quality measures in sequencing projects is the position-specific error probability at all bases in(More)
The nucleotide sequence of 1.5 Mb of genomic DNA from Mycobacterium leprae was determined using computer-assisted multiplex sequencing technology. This brings the 2.8-Mb M. leprae genome sequence to approximately 66% completion. The sequences, derived from 43 recombinant cosmids, contain 1046 putative protein-coding genes, 44 repetitive regions, 3 tRNAs,(More)
which usually takes less than an hour. The database should be monitored for random distribution of sequences; accumulation of specific sequences, which indicates nonrandom sonication or some cloning problem, will become apparent early on. In practice, however, sonication seems to produce random libraries from DNAs varying widely in base composition and from(More)
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