P. Richard Zarda

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Large random bit-strings known as 'keys' are used to encode and decode sensitive data, and the secure distribution of these keys is essential to secure communications across the globe. Absolutely secure key exchange between two sites has now been demonstrated over fibre and free-space optical links. Here we describe the secure exchange of keys over a(More)
The formation of rouleau of red blood cells is considered from the standpoint of adhesion theory. With the use of the elastic properties of the red blood cell membrane obtained from previous work, the strain energy of the red blood cell in rouleau formation has been computed. The surface energy of adhesion for the bonding of two red blood cells is then(More)
Silicon avalanche photodiodes are the most sensitive photodetectors in the visible to near infrared region. However, when they are used for single photon detection in a Geiger mode, they are known to emit light on the controlled breakdown used to detect a photoelectron. This fluorescence light might have serious impacts on experimental applications like(More)
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