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Orbital ordering (OO) in the layered perovskite La0.5Sr1.5MnO4 has been investigated using the enhanced sensitivity of soft x-ray resonant diffraction at the Mn L edges. The energy dependence of an OO diffraction peak over the L(2,3) edges is compared to ligand-field calculations allowing a distinction between the influences of Jahn-Teller distortions and(More)
We used ultrafast resonant soft x-ray diffraction to probe the picosecond dynamics of spin and orbital order in La(0.5)Sr(1.5)MnO(4) after photoexcitation with a femtosecond pulse of 1.5 eV radiation. Complete melting of antiferromagnetic spin order is evidenced by the disappearance of a (1/4,1/4,1/2) diffraction peak. On the other hand, the (1/4,1/4,0)(More)
By resonant x-ray scattering at the Mn K edge on La(7/8)Sr(1/8)MnO3, we show that an orbital polaron lattice (OPL) develops at the metal-insulator transition of this compound. This orbital reordering explains consistently the unexpected coexistence of ferromagnetic and insulating properties at low temperatures, the quadrupling of the lattice structure(More)
The orbital excitations of a series of transition-metal compounds are studied by means of optical spectroscopy. Our aim was to identify signatures of collective orbital excitations by comparison with experimental and theoretical results for predominantly local crystal-field excitations. To this end, we have studied TiOCl, RTiO3 (R=La, Sm, Y), LaMnO3,(More)
Overdoped La0.42Sr1.58MnO4 exhibits a complex ordering of charges, orbitals, and spins. Neutron diffraction experiments reveal three incommensurate and one commensurate order parameters to be tightly coupled. The position and the shape of the distinct superstructure scattering as well as higher-order signals are inconsistent with a harmonic charge and(More)
One challenge in condensed-matter physics is the experimental confirmation of a new kind of elementary excitation orbital waves, or orbitons, which are predicted to exist in an orbitally ordered state. Saitoh et al. have observed three peaks at 160, 144 and 126 meV in the Raman scattering of orbitally ordered lanthanum manganate (LaMnO(3)), and interpret(More)
The crystal structure of Ca(2-x)Sr(x)RuO(4) with 0.2 < or = x < or = 1.0 has been studied by diffraction techniques and by high resolution capacitance dilatometry as a function of temperature and magnetic field. Upon cooling in zero magnetic field, the crystal structure and the octahedra shrink along the c direction and elongate in the a and b planes,(More)
At temperatures below the metal–insulator transition of La1−xSrxMnO3 with 0.1 < x < 0.15, a peculiar ferromagnetic and insulating phase is observed which has been intensively discussed over the last few years. We present a detailed investigation of this phase by means of resonant and high energy x-ray scattering along with measurements of the electrical(More)
The single-layered half-doped manganite La(0.5)Sr(1.5)MnO₄ (LSMO), was studied by means of the angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES), scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), and resistivity measurements. STM revealed a smooth reconstruction-free surface; the density of states, extracted from photoemission and tunneling spectroscopy, is in agreement(More)
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