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This paper presents new techniques for capacitor placement in radial distribution feeders in order to reduce the real power loss, to improve the voltage profile and to achieve economical saving. The identification of the weak buses, where the capacitors should be placed is decided by a set of rules given by the fuzzy expert system. Power loss and node(More)
This paper proposes an application of Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) such as Differential Evolution (DE), Evolutionary Programming (EP), Real coded Genetic Algorithm (RGA), Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy (CMAES) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) to Reactive Power Planning (RPP) problem. RPP is a non-smooth and non-differentiable(More)
In this paper, an approach using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization Search (HGAPSO) is presented for placing Distributed Generators (DGs) in distorted distribution system. The objective is to minimize the loss and average voltage total harmonic distortion (THD v) of the distorted distribution system. A detailed performance analysis is(More)
— In this paper, the transient stability improvement using Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) has been designed with the application of the intelligent techniques such as combination of neural network and fuzzy logic. The Mamdani type fuzzy controller with constant center for output classes may not perform satisfactorily in all operating conditions. To(More)
This paper proposes an application of Fast Voltage Stability Index (FVSI) to Reactive Power Planning (RPP) using Evolutionary Programming (EP). FVSI is used to identify the weak buses for the RPP problem which involves experimental process of voltage stability analysis based on the load variation. The point at which FVSI close to unity indicates the maximum(More)
In an electric power system network, the continuous demand has caused it to be heavily loaded leading to voltage instability. This phenomenon has also led to voltage profile depreciation below the acceptable secure limit. The significance and use of Flexible AC Transmission System devices and capacitor placement is in order to alleviate the voltage profile(More)
Paper proposes design and simulation of single phase cascaded five level inverter. The inverter can produce five different output voltage levels across the load. The multilevel sinusoidal pulse width modulation switching strategy was used and THD value for every scheme was analyzed. The main advantage of this technique is the ability to reduce harmonics.(More)
The objective of the proposed scheme is to extract the maximum power at different wind turbine speed. In order to achieve this, MPPT controller is implemented on the rectifier side for the extraction of maximum power. On the inverter side normal closed loop PWM control is carried out. MPPT controller is implemented using fuzzy logic control technique. The(More)