P. Renuga

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Loss minimization in power system is an important research issue. Transmission line losses in a power system can be minimized by means of reactive power compensation. The continuous demand in electric power system network has caused it to be heavily loaded leading to voltage instability. This phenomenon has also led to voltage profile depreciation below the(More)
— This paper proposes an application of real coded genetic algorithm (RGA) to reactive power planning (RPP). Several techniques have been developed to make RGA practicable to solve a real power system problem and other practical problems. The proposed approach has been used in the IEEE 30-bus system. Simulation results, compared with those obtained by using(More)
— In this paper, the transient stability improvement using Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) has been designed with the application of the intelligent techniques such as combination of neural network and fuzzy logic. The Mamdani type fuzzy controller with constant center for output classes may not perform satisfactorily in all operating conditions. To(More)
In this paper, an approach using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization Search (HGAPSO) is presented for placing Distributed Generators (DGs) in distorted distribution system. The objective is to minimize the loss and average voltage total harmonic distortion (THD v) of the distorted distribution system. A detailed performance analysis is(More)
This paper present the modelling and simulation of three phase PWM Current Source Inverter fed Induction Motor (CSI-IM) drive systems using state space representation and its implementation by means of Matlab/Simulink simulation software. Combining these powerful models with some matlab functions it is possible to obtain the ideal simulation platform for(More)
  • G Mohanbabu, P Renuga, R G R G R G B G B G R G R G R G B G B G R G R
  • 2010
Most consumer digital color cameras are equipped with a single chip. Such cameras capture only one color component per pixel (e.g., Bayer pattern) instead of an RGB triple. Conventionally, missing color components at each pixel are interpolated from its neighboring pixels, so that full color images are constructed. This process is typically referred to as(More)
  • S K Nandha Kumar, R Muthu Kumar, K Thanushkodi, P Renuga
  • 2009
— This paper proposes an application of evolutionary programming (EP) to reactive power planning (RPP) considering the highest load buses, instead of considering the randomly selected load buses to install the reactive power sources. The proposed approach has been used in the IEEE 30-bus system. Simulation results, compared with those obtained by using the(More)