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A system of magnetic field goniometry was developed for measuring the frequency of stomach contractions. This technique uses a handheld, electronic compass to measure the angular change in direction of a magnetic field generated by a small, ingested magnet. Measurements of gastric mechanical activity made by goniometry were validated with simultaneous(More)
BACKGROUND The US Preventative Service Task Force recommends that physicians perform a genetic risk assessment to identify women at risk for BRCA1/2 mutations associated with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer (HBOC) syndrome. However, outcomes data after a diagnosis of HBOC syndrome especially in diverse populations, are minimal. Here we asked if genetic(More)
It has been suggested that the large scale use of biofuel, that is, fuel derived from biological materials, especially in combination with reforestation of large areas, can lead to a low-cost reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. In this paper, a model of three markets: fuel, wood products, and land are considered with the aim of evaluating the(More)
This study explores the potential impact of the genetic counseling assistant (GCA) position on the efficiency of the genetic counseling field, evaluates attitudes regarding expansion of the genetic counseling field to include the GCA, and presents data on GCA endeavors and GCA job tasks as reported by GCAs, certified genetic counselors (CGCs), and program(More)
This report provides an overview of recent activities designed to further the integration of developmental perspectives in research involving infant and childhood psychopathology. Definitions are provided for what appears to be an emerging field of developmental psychopathology. Various methods to foster the growth of this interdisciplinary endeavor are(More)
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