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Genetic mapping of quantitative traits requires genotypic data for large numbers of markers in many individuals. For such studies, the use of large single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping arrays still offers the most cost-effective solution. Herein we report on the design and performance of a SNP genotyping array for Populus trichocarpa (black(More)
Effect of sea level fluctuations on the movement of the freshwater saltwater interface was analyzed by means of a sharp interface model. The simulation was carried out over 100 years period for two case studies based on available data; western coast of America and the Bay of Bengal and adjacent continental shelf. The position of freshwater-saltwater(More)
The current study mainly focuses on the two-dimensional numerical simulat ion of the unsteady laminar flow past a circular cylinder in a channel, mimicking the effect of the tunnel wall. The computational results obtained using two different flow solution codes are validated against other computational and measurement data available in the literature. The(More)
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