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A variety of media involve the spoken interaction of people. For this media to be useful, indexing and browsing facilities must be provided to the user. In this paper we present a unified framework for indexing and gisting spoken interactions of people. We use speaker identification, prosody analysis and word spotting as preprocessing steps to find the(More)
Gesture-based interfaces, in which the user specifies commands by simple freehand drawings, offer an alternative to traditional keyboard, menu, and direct manipulation interfaces. The ability to specify objects, an operation, and additional parameters with a single intuitive gesture makes gesture-based systems appealing to both novice and experienced users.(More)
In recent year's wireless networks has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Wireless networks suffer in providing high throughput for high end applications like multimedia etc. Network coding is proposed to improve the throughput of the network. In this paper, we apply network coding technique at the relay in wireless environment which is based on(More)
UNLABELLED In MEICPS, results from earlier analyses are utilized to suggest possible substitution point mutations to engineer intracellular stability using a given sequence or structure of the protein. AVAILABILITY From bvbreddy@ccmb.ap.nic.in. This program needs data from other software, PSA and SSTRUC, available from sali@tamika.rockefeller.edu and(More)
Microscopic electrical defects in the photoreceptor termed charge deficient spots (CDS) can give rise to objectionable print defects in xerographic systems such as laser printers. Experimental measurements of the current voltage characteristics of individual defects exhibit a space charge limited behavior (current proportional to the square of the voltage)(More)
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