P. Rajesh

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INTRODUCTION The purpose of this study was to evaluate teeth involved in the line of fracture, clinically and radiographically, and their associated complications so as to indicate if they should be managed conservatively or extracted. MATERIALS AND METHODS Data were collected from patients records treated of mandibular fractures. It was included pre and(More)
Amelogenesis imperfecta (AI) is a hereditary disorder expressing a group of conditions which cause developmental alterations in the structure of enamel. This disorder has an adverse impact on oral health and also hampers the quality of life of the individual causing physiologic problems. The treatment of such patients would not only upgrade their(More)
In recent years, there is a rapid growth with amount of data collections in hardware, software and networking, data source sharing, transaction oriented data etc., This type of stream data also contains private and sensitive information. A new topic in the area of privacy preserving data mining in stream data is quite challenging, in which data grows(More)
The increasing nature of World Wide Web has imposed great challenges for researchers in improving the search efficiency over the internet. Now days web document clustering has become an important research topic to provide most relevant documents in huge volumes of results returned in response to a simple query. In this paper, first we proposed a novel(More)
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