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This paper deals with the steady state analysis of batch arrival retrial queueing system with two types of service under modified vacation policy, where each type consists of an optional re-service. An arriving batch may balk the system at some particular times. After the completion of each types of service the customers may re-service of the same type(More)
Recently, microarray technologies have become a robust technique in the area of genomics. An important step in the analysis of gene expression data is the identification of groups of genes disclosing analogous expression patterns. Cluster analysis partitions a given dataset into groups based on specified features. Euclidean distance is a widely used(More)
In this paper, we discuss the steady state analysis of a batch arrival feedback retrial queue with two types of services and negative customers. Any arriving batch of positive customers finds the server is free, one of the customers from the batch enters into the service area and the rest of them get into the orbit. The negative customer, is arriving during(More)
In today’s world, there is a colossal rise in the number of job seekers. Additionally, with increasing applicants the number of resumes increases proportionally, thereby making the task of the HR department extremely laborious. Therefore, a new approach has been proposed to automate the task of recruiting suitable candidates for a given job profile by(More)
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