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Understanding the evolution of a complex genetic algorithm is a non-trivial problem, however, genetic-algorithm visualization is in its infancy. This paper reviews some of the current approaches and presents a new visualization approach based on Sammon mapping. Sammon mapping is a nonlinear mapping of a set of vectors in p-dimensional space to a set in(More)
Ventilation management is the ongoing process of adjusting ventilator support according to patients' needs. The present article is a review of the published work on the modeling of respiration physiology or the ventilation management process for supporting the critical task of ventilation. The focus of the survey is the application of soft(More)
The IBIS Data Library (DL) is an annotated data library that contains practically all the monitored data and other clinical information from critically ill patients during surgery and in intensive care. The data have been collected at three sites: the intensive care unit of the Kuopio University Hospital, Finland; Royal Brompton Hospital, London, UK; and(More)
The uncertain fate of individual patients in intensive care results from the heterogeneity of case-mix, life threatening insults, and the host response to such insults. These variables preclude an accurate prediction of likely outcome. Logistic regression models incorporating large numbers of those measurements which vary from patient to patient, and relate(More)
The primary aim of the Improved Monitoring for Brain Dysfunction during Intensive Care and Surgery (IBIS) project was to create a unique and comprehensively annotated data library (DL) of multiple physiological, including neurophysiological, signals. Data collection was undertaken in Kuopio, Finland and London, UK, and comparable protocols were used at all(More)
The aim of the paper is to identify the key physiological variables and ventilator settings involved in ventilation management, and required for an appropriate Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS). Based on the results of a questionnaire designed for the purpose of the research, 70 hours of physiological and ventilation data were recorded. Recorded data(More)
T he rapid accurate diagnosis of critical disorders is an essential component of intensive care. Traditional diagnostic techniques have relied on physician e.x.pe-ric nee, which is based on a data set chosen from his or her rather than from scientific merit. In this article, we aim to show that there are alternative methods of selecting clinical variables(More)
Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are characterized by increased work of breathing (WOB) and ventilatory muscle dysfunction. Mechanical ventilation is applied to unload the WOB; rest respiratory muscles decrease arterial partial pressure of carbon dioxide (PaCO2) and treat hypoxemia. Since patients' needs are not static, ventilator(More)
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Support (CPAP) devices are commonly used in Home Care for treating patients with sleep breathing disorders. This paper presents a Clinical Decision Support (CDS) model for adult patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, advising manual titration of positive pressure support and Oxygen supply. The CDS collects data from(More)
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