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This paper will describe a computer program that utilizes a graphic data processing system to aid in the design of mask artwork for hybrid integrated circuit modules of the type used in IBM System/360 Data Processing Systems. The system includes a small digital computer connected to a large-screen buffered display equipped with a light pen. A draftsman uses(More)
Previous work has shown that certain steroidal bis-(N-phenyl)ureas, derived from cholic acid, form crystals in the P6(1) space group with unusually wide unidimensional pores. A key feature of the nanoporous steroidal urea (NPSU) structure is that groups at either end of the steroid are directed into the channels and may in principle be altered without(More)
The title structure, [ZnBr2(C2H8N2)], is made up of infinite -ZnBr2-(en)-ZnBr2-(en)- zigzag chains. Each repeat unit contains a trans ethylenediamine ligand [N-C-C-N -179 (1) degrees ], which bridges two approximately tetrahedral but crystallographically distinct Zn atoms. One Zn atom is bisected by a crystallographic twofold axis, whereas the other has(More)
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