P R Slavney

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Recent studies have detected basal ganglia atrophy in clinically asymptomatic persons with the genetic mutation that causes Huntington's disease (HD). Whether reductions in caudate and putamen volume on MRI scans are associated with changes in cognitive and neurologic functioning was examined in 13 healthy adults with the IT-15 mutation. Reduced striatal(More)
In the present study the authors assessed predictors of adjustment to genetic testing for Huntington's disease. Fifty-two genetically positive and 108 genetically negative persons were studied for 1 year following testing. Adjustment, defined by hopelessness and depressive symptoms, was measured at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months after disclosure and was within(More)
Most psychiatrists assume that belief is a basis for behavior. The validity of this assumption has been challenged by certain philosophers who assign the concept belief to the domain of "folk psychology." These philosophers contend that the discoveries of neuroscience will eliminate the ideas of folk psychology from scientific discourse and that behavior(More)
This study reports DSM-III diagnoses and demographic characteristics of 100 patients consecutively referred to a university hospital consultation-liaison service for evaluation of medically unexplained symptoms suggesting physical disorders. Thirty-seven percent of patients received diagnoses of somatoform, dissociative, or factitious disorders, and 14%(More)