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In this paper we describe how cross lingual information retrieval can be effectively done between a highly agglutinative language, Tamil and English, an isolating language. Agglutination is a morphological process of adding affixes to word base. These affixations can be between noun-noun, adjective-noun, noun-case, etc. This phenomenon of the language has(More)
Web applications involve the operations on the data objects across the organization boundaries. The operations are provided by the organization once the partners are identified. Web services are globally accepted and are adopted in any web application. The serious threat in web services is security, as these services are available to open world. In this(More)
The subspace clustering algorithm CLIQUE finds all subspace clusters including overlapping clusters existing in high dimensional datasets. CLIQUE consists of three main steps namely - (1) identification of subspaces that contain clusters, (2) identification of clusters and (3) generation of the minimal description for the clusters obtained in step two. In(More)