P. R. Rao

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Variations in leaf gas-exchange characteristics, leaf pigment content, and other important leaf traits were investigated in seven wild Oryza species, five hybrids, and five improved varieties. The significant variations were observed in photosynthetic pigment contents amongst different species of Oryza. The mean chlorophyll (Chl) content was higher in O.(More)
The synthesis benzimidazolylpyrano [2,3-d] [1,3] thiazolocarbonitriles (5a-j) were achieved by cyclocondensation of arylidene amino-benzo[d]imidazole-2-thiols (3a-j) with mercaptoacetic acid followed by cyclization with 2-(phenylmethylene)malononitrile. Further more, the present study aimed at the evaluation of in vitro antiinflammatory activity and(More)