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The Joint Danube Survey (JDS)--a comprehensive monitoring survey to assess the environmental pollution status of the river Danube--was carried out in 2001. Samples were taken at 74 positions along the river from Neu-Ulm (River-km 2589) down to the Danube Delta at the Black Sea (River-km 0) and in 24 main tributaries and anabranches. Besides other biological(More)
Three experiments are reported in which it is tested whether the Gestalt effect of configural orientation on shape perception operates on two-dimensional (2-D) or three-dimensional (3-D) representations of space. It is known that gravitationally defined squares and diamonds take longer to discriminate in diagonal arrays than in horizontal or vertical(More)
Highly dispersed molybdenum oxide supported on mesoporous silica SBA-15 has been prepared by anion exchange resulting in a series of catalysts with changing Mo densities (0.2-2.5 Mo atoms nm(-2) ). X-ray absorption, UV/Vis, Raman, and IR spectroscopy indicate that doubly anchored tetrahedral dioxo MoO4 units are the major surface species at all loadings.(More)
In situ Raman spectroscopy allows insight into molecular processes under hydrothermal conditions during synthesis of complex nanostructured MoVTeNb oxides (see picture: Nb yellow, Mo blue, V/Mo pale blue, Te red). Based on the knowledge acquired, the synthesis can be more efficiently directed towards the desired product with improved functionality.
One of the main goals in catalysis is the characterization of solid/gas interfaces in a reaction environment. The electronic structure and chemical composition of surfaces become heavily influenced by the surrounding environment. However, the lack of surface sensitive techniques that are able to monitor these modifications under high pressure conditions(More)
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