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Anatomical measurements are made on the clivus and the upper cervical column. These values are important for transoral, transpalatinal approaches to the clivus and to atlas and axis. The mean-values of the length of clivus in adults were 45 mm on the internal cranial base, on the external the length between the basion and the vomer was estimated with 27.9(More)
To avoid neuralgic pain as consequence of damaging the nasodental nerve during surgical treatment of chronic maxillary sinusitis by the Caldwell-Luc-approach, the accurate knowledge of the nasodental nerve's course might be useful for the surgeon. Therefore, the anatomy of this nerve was evaluated by dissection of 23 human specimens. The nasodental nerve is(More)
In this publication, some special aspects of the topography in the nuchal region were examined as anatomical support for the dorsal approach to the posterior cranial fossa. The suboccipital muscles rectus capitis posterior minor and rectus capitis lateralis were measured concerning important characteristics as for instance their length and width. The(More)
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