P. R. Dal Monte

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Although the Drosophila visual system has been described extensively, little is known about its olfactory system. A major reason for this discrepancy has been the lack of simple, reliable means of measuring response to airborne chemicals. This paper describes a jump response elicited by exposing Drosophila to chemical vapors. This behavior provides the(More)
Drosophila larvae are attracted to a wide variety of chemical stimuli. The olfactory response to ethyl acetate, a powerful attractant, was found to be surprisingly well conserved across a variety of different wild-type strains. Strain differences are documented, however, both in attraction to ethyl acetate and in another chemosensory behavior: avoidance of(More)
Pm: A new hydrogel composed ofiota-carrageenan/polyvinylpyrrolidon (i-cgn/pvp) was tested in rabbit eyes to dctennine its intraocular tolerance and to evaluate its suitability as a vitreous substitute. MefhodF: Aver pars-plana lensectomy and pars-plana vitrectomy 1,Sml of i-cgn/pvp were injected into 4 eyes of 4 rabbitsThe untreated contralateral eyd served(More)
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