P. R. Aparna

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Providing complete coverage of sensing field as long as possible and maintaining the connectivity between the nodes is the main motto of the Wireless Sensor networks. The proposed system is implemented to provide maximum connectivity and extension in network-lifetime along with providing secured data transmission which is required for many applications.(More)
This paper presents an area efficient implementation of a high performance parallel multiplier. Radix-4 Booth multiplier with 3:2 compressors and Radix-8 Booth multiplier with 4:2 compressors are presented here. The design is structured for m × n multiplication where m and n can reach up to 126 bits. Carry Lookahead Adder is used as the final adder(More)
Typically for buying any kind of goods or to know the survey about any particular product we generally look for message boards, web content, blogs, news to know reviews. Generally reviews are based upon the sentiment identification phase, which associates expressed opinions with each relevant entity and scoring techniques. Our system uses natural language(More)
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