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  • L Fontanesi, S Dall 'olio, F Beretti, B Portolano, V Russo, Yinxia Li +29 others
  • 2010
Inbred mouse strains and genetic stability: a review Coat colours in the Massese sheep breed are associated with mutations in the agouti signalling protein (ASIP) and melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R) Complete sequence of the Tibetan Mastiff mitochondrial genome and its phylogenetic relationship with other Canids (Canis, Canidae) Estimation of economic values(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate and quantify the importance of avoiding overlap between training and testing subsets of data when evaluating the effectiveness of predictions of genetic merit based on genetic markers. Genomic selection holds great potential for increasing the accuracy of selection in young bulls and is likely to lead quickly to more(More)
Estimates of the genetic parameters of turkey body weight using random regression analysis Genetic variation in wholesale carcass cuts predicted from digital images in cattle Response of piglets to the valine content in diet in combination with the supply of other branched-chain amino acids Responses of feeding prebiotics on nutrient digestibility, faecal(More)
Calving difficulty is a trait that greatly affects animal welfare, herd profitability, and the amount of labor required by cattle farmers. It is influenced by direct and maternal genetic components. Selection and breeding strategies can optimize the accuracy of genetic evaluations and correctly emphasize calving difficulty in multiple-trait indices provided(More)
It is sometimes possible to breed for more uniform individuals by selecting animals with a greater tendency to be less variable, that is, those with a smaller environmental variance. This approach has been applied to reproduction traits in various animal species. We have evaluated fecundity in the Irish Belclare sheep breed by analyses of flocks with(More)
The objectives of this study were to quantify the errors in economic values (EVs) for traits affected by cost or price thresholds when skewed or kurtotic distributions of varying degree are assumed to be normal and when data with a normal distribution is subject to censoring. EVs were estimated for a continuous trait with dichotomous economic implications(More)
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