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We tested whether acute alpha 2-blockade affects insulin secretion, glucose and fat metabolism, thermogenesis, and hemodynamics in humans. During a 5-h epinephrine infusion (50 ng.min-1.kg-1) in five volunteers, deriglidole, a selective alpha 2-receptor inhibitor, led to a more sustained rise in plasma insulin and C-peptide levels (+59 +/- 14 vs. +28 +/- 6,(More)
Natali, Andrea, Amalia Gastaldelli, Alfredo Quiñones Galvan, Anna Maria Sironi, Demetrio Ciociaro, Giovanna Sanna, Pierre Rosenzweig, and Ele Ferrannini. Effects of acute a2-blockade on insulin action and secretion in humans. Am. J. Physiol. 274 (Endocrinol. Metab. 37): E57– E64, 1998.—We tested whether acute a2-blockade affects insulin secretion, glucose(More)
A generalized cutaneous hypersensitivity reaction to a porcine heparin preparation was observed in a patient during the course of acute renal failure. Immunological studies, including gel diffusion and immunoelectrophoresis, suggested that the reaction was to a contaminant of the heparin and involved both IgG and IgE antibodies.
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