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Frameworks and design patterns are emerging technologies in software engineering. They increase software quality in terms of reusability, modularity and extensibility. Synchronous groupware can benefit of these new technologies. This article describes AMF-C, a multiagent model which structures each agent with a various number of facets, and two associated(More)
Emerging IT service providers that aim at delivering supercomputing power available to the masses over the Internet rely on high-performance IT resources interconnected with ultra-high-performance optical networks. To adjust the provisioning of the resources to end-user demand variations, new infrastructure capabilities have to be supported. These(More)
In high performance distributed computing applications, data movements have demanding performance requirements such as reliable and predictable delivery. Predicting the throughput of large transfers is very difficult in paths that are heavily loaded with just a few big flows. This paper explores how current high speed transport protocols behave and may(More)
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