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'Fracture characteristics and micromechanical theory of rock as a quasi brittle material: Aper,cu of recent advances' (keynote lecture) Proc., 5th Int. Cant. on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting (FRAG-BLAST 5) (held in Montreal), ed. ABSTRACT: Realistic characterization of rock fracture properties is essential for successful predictions of rock fracture under(More)
  • I G Barr, Carol, +27 authors K Willam
  • 2004
547 ABSTRACT The report attempts a broad review of the problem of size effect or scaling of failure, which has recently come to the forefront of attention because of its importance for concrete and geotechnical engineering, geomechanics, arctic ice engineering, as well as in designing large load-bearing parts made of advanced ceramics and composites, e. g.(More)
"Fracture mechanics size effect and ultimate load of beams under torsion." in Fracture Mechanics: Application to Concrete, ed. Synopsis: This symposium contribution gives a preliminary report on tests of the size effect in torsional failure of plain and longitudinally reinforced beams of reduced scale, made of micro-concrete. The results confirm that there(More)
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