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The aim of O.P.P.I.D.U.M. is the survey of products used by drug addicts. A five year survey, based on regular pools, has provided interesting results. 1,283 patients (80 per cent men, about 27 years old, 1/4 employed) used 2,241 drugs. The most frequent was heroin, followed by benzodiazepines, cannabis and cocaine. Flunitrazepam was the most commonly(More)
The main goal of the Water Framework Directive is to achieve good chemical and ecological status of water bodies by 2015. The implementation of integrated river basin management, including sewer systems, wastewater treatment plants and receiving water bodies, is essential to accomplishing this objective. Integrated management is complex and therefore the(More)
The authors report a case of anaplastic carcinoma with amyloid stroma, accompanied by the secretion of calcitonin, detected in a cervical lymph node and initially interpreted as being a metastasis from a medullary carcinoma of the thyroid. The actual pancreatic origin of the malignant tumour was proved only during the advanced stages. Ultrastructural study(More)
Current management of sanitation infrastructures (sewer systems, wastewater treatment plant, receiving water, bypasses, deposits, etc) is not fulfilling the objectives of up to date legislation, to achieve a good ecological and chemical status of water bodies through integrated management. These made it necessary to develop new methodologies that help(More)