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BACKGROUND Serum thymidine kinase type 1 (TK1) and canine C-Reactive Protein (cCRP) might be useful in detecting dogs with cancer. Algorithms combining biomarkers are sometimes more accurate than results of individual tests. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to compare serum TK1 and cCRP and Neoplasia Index (NI) in healthy and tumor-bearing dogs. (More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether non-contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) as a stand-alone imaging modality can be used to define the Hansen type I intervertebral disc herniation (IVDH) lesion and also whether the Hounsfield unit (HU) value of herniated disc is relevant to clinical duration and to histopathological chronicity of extruded disc material.(More)
The association between serum IgG concentration and preweaning health performance in Holstein calves were evaluated in a prospective cohort study design framework. Post colostral blood samples were collected from 561 calves and serum IgG concentrations were quantitated using a single radial immunodiffusion assay. Preweaning treatments for diarrhea,(More)
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