P. Philip

A. L. Harris1
S. Houlbrook1
E. A. Lien1
N. S. Stuart1
1A. L. Harris
1S. Houlbrook
1E. A. Lien
1N. S. Stuart
1J. Kirk
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Twenty-six patients with relapsed or drug-resistant cancer were treated with a combination of oral etoposide (300 mg day-1 for 3 days) and high-dose oral tamoxifen as a potential modulator of drug resistance (480 or 720 mg day-1 for 6 days beginning 3 days before etoposide). One patient with relapsed high-grade lymphoma and one with adenocarcinoma of(More)
We consider a control constrained optimal control problem governed by a semilinear elliptic equation with nonlocal interface conditions. These conditions occur during the modeling of diffuse-gray conductive-radiative heat transfer. The problem arises from the aim to optimize the temperature gradient within crystal growth by the physical vapor transport(More)
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