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The maintenance of H3K9 and DNA methylation at imprinting control regions (ICRs) during early embryogenesis is key to the regulation of imprinted genes. Here, we reveal that ZFP57, its cofactor KAP1, and associated effectors bind selectively to the H3K9me3-bearing, DNA-methylated allele of ICRs in ES cells. KAP1 deletion induces a loss of heterochromatin(More)
During pentobarbital (25 mg/kg i.v. in 2 min), pentothal (15 mg/kg i.v. in 2 min) and ketamine (10 mg/kg i.v. in 2 min) narcosis, rabbits showed reduced platelet reactivity ot the direct aggregating effect of ADP (2 X 10(-5) M) and the indirect effect of thrombin (0.1 U/ml). Certain arousal drugs, specifically those of metabolic type such as SAMe (20 mg/kg(More)
In basis of our experimental researches bunitrolol presented: a) beta-adrenolytic activity prevailingly at cardiac level (superior to propranolol and practolol) in respect to vascular, tracheal, bronchial, uterus, intestinal and metabolic level; b) beta-adrenergic intrinsic activity; c) local anesthetic activity; d) chinidino-like activity; e)(More)