P. Pedda Sadhu Naik

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Segmentation is a process of partitioning the image into several objects. It plays a vital role in many fields such as satellite, remote sensing, object identification, face tracking and most importantly medical applications. Here in this paper, we here supposed to propose a novel image segmentation using iterative partitioning mean shift clustering(More)
Received Feb 16, 2017 Revised May 15, 2017 Accepted Aug 11, 2017 Software cost estimation is of the most challenging task in project management in order to ensuring smoother development operation and target achievement. There has been evolution of various standards tools and techniques for cost estimation practiced in the industry at present times. However,(More)
Information security is one of the cornerstones of Information Society. Integrity and privacy of financial transactions, personal information and critical infrastructure data, all depend on the availability of strong and trustworthy security mechanisms. In recent years, many researchers are using data mining techniques for building IDS. Here, we propose a(More)
Abstract— In the present communication scenario of 802.11 wireless local access network there is virtually no way to control frames and due to this a range of network allocation vector based denial of service attacks are possible. The convenience of 802.11-based wireless access networks has led to widespread deployment in the consumer, industrial and(More)
Support for dynamic attributes is increasingly important for facilitating high-quality web service discovery for service-oriented architectures. we proposed the static discovery dynamic selection (SDDS) architecture to overcome limitations of existing web service discovery methods. Our service discovery algorithms consider dynamic attributes to reduce the(More)
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