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This paper reports a new actuating method of a micromirror with piston motion by the electrowetting effect. Liquid metals drops (LMD), gallium and mercury, instead of conventional electrolyte solution, are used in the electrowetting experiments to reduce the vapor pressure and to increase the conductivity. An approximate formula of LMD height changes versus(More)
Reported is super-luminescent emission under room-temperature, continuous-wave conditions from GaSb quantum-well-based light emitting diodes (LED), monolithically integrated on Si (100) substrates. The LEDs are realised with substrate growth temperature under 500 C for the entire process and the Si (001) substrate is nonmiscut. The lattice mismatch at the(More)
Three different incommensurate phases predicted by the phenomenological theory of frustrated smectics were reportedly found in mixtures of DB80CN and 80BCAB and DB,OCN and 80CB. The results of our high-resolution X-ray diffraction study of these materials show that these phases are, indeed, coexistences of two or more smectic-A phases. The correct phase(More)
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