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— In this paper, we focus on compressed sensing and recovery schemes for low-rank matrices, asking under what conditions a low-rank matrix can be sensed and recovered from incomplete, inaccurate, and noisy observations. We consider three schemes, one based on a certain Restricted Isometry Property and two based on directly sensing the row and column space(More)
SOSTOOLS is a free, third party MATLAB tool box for solving sum of squares programs. The techniques behind it are based on the sum of squares decomposition for multivariate polynomials. In this paper we describe recent developments and control applications of SOSTOOLS, a free third-party MATLAB toolbox for formulating and solving sum of squares programs
In this paper, we consider a class of spatially distributed systems which have a special property known as spatial invariance. It is well-known that for such problems, the problem of designing decentralized controllers is hard. In this paper, we generalize some previously known results and show that for a certain class of problems, the control problem has a(More)
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